How to Create a Business Email Using Amazon Web Services

Guys Today I tell you how to create a Business or Professional email using amazon web services. You have domain and amazon web services (aws) account to create a business email. In amazon web services (aws) I choose Work Mail Service for email.

So First Step is Login the amazon web services account if the account is not created then first creates the amazon web services account so sign in to the console or login aws account then second is search the work email service in AWS Management Console or select the work mail in Business Application of AWS console.

I Prefer Quick Setup Because its Simple & Easy, If You have advance knowledge of web & email server then go to Standard Setup otherwise go with Quick Setup & Click Quick Setup after that enter the organization name & click create then your organization has been created.

Hence, Your Organization has been creating & wait some minutes (approx 2 min) then its will be activated after that click your organization or open the work mail directory.

Go to Domains Section on your WorkMail and click Add Domain & Enter the Domain & Add a Domain in your work mail Directory & after that domain ownership verification & mail setup has come so added the record sets in your domain .login your domain in your domain’s service provider such as (Godaddy,Bigrock, Google Cloud,Amazon) and go to domain manager or Click DNS & Add Records sets in your’s Domain (As Image Shown Below) because without this or recordsets values & hostname values you can’t verify the domain in amazon work mail.

After adding TXT, MX, CNAME Record Types & Values & Hostname in your domain verify the status into Amazon Workmail as show in the image below.

After Verify the Ownership & Mail Setup then Click Users Section Upper Left Side of Amazon Work Mail & Create the Username & Enter the First & Last Name after that Click Next Then Set the Email Address ( Added Your Domain into Email Address TextBox ) & Password then click Next or Finish.

Hence, Your Professional Email is Created Now. Your Display Name & Username & Primary email address, Status has been shown, so login your email id within your username and password who have you created it..username+domain is your default professional email address.

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