How to Create a Menu in WordPress and Why important is it?

Today we discuss how to we create a menu in wordpress-website and why is important for our website and also discuss how to add pages,  categories,posts,custom-links to menu in wordpress. we discuss first  why create a menu in wordpress or Main Menu is Why is important for over all websites. 

Why Menu is Important in WordPress-Website ?

By WordPress you can easily setup and manage your website and    can do almost create anything and changes in website such as  changing and creating logo,images,header,header images,text,  menu,sub menu,etc. 

In these things Menu is most important part of website that’s presents the your website structure for the users and provides the easy navigation to users and increase the usability of your website.

In website menu navigation is the important factor for your website because navigation tell the people what content are available in your website and where to find it what they have need information on your website.

Navigation affect your website traffic and search engine ranking. such as good navigation speed up your website and viewers search and increase performance, site ranking and website’s traffic and’s impact your success or failure of your website and increase visitor duration & make user friendly site and decreased bounced rate so because menu is important part of the wordpress and so we next step we create a menu in wordpress website .

How to Create a Menu in Wordress?

For creating menu i use Astra theme in wordpress and in every page top’s of website menu presents as a horizontal bar of links that gives your site structures to visitors and users for finding content on your website.

In wordpress creating menu is very easy and very simple and you can also create Sub-Menus and Dropdown Menus . in menu you can add links to your most  important pages,topics,posts and your custom links such as your social media links. so first the wordpress dashboard then click on appearance in wordpress dashboard.

create a menu dashboard open

In Appearance Click on Menus and in Menus first give the name of the menu in Menu Name Section such as example :- my menu and then click  create menu button for create a menu in wordpress. 

create a menu

After Creating Menu several Left Columns options enabled now on Menu Page such as Pages,Posts,Custom Links,Categories,etc.

On Next First Left Column Section is Pages and in Pages column first default Most Recent Created Pages Shows and if you can view all pages in page section then click on View All Tab and you can add all the pages or select custom pages to menu according your need and website and click Add to Menu Button then your pages will added to menu.


Second Left Column Section is Posts and in menu you can also add post who have you write it and published. ON Third Left Column is Custom Links by this you can add links of any pages,website,        images,etc to menu such as example Home : Custom Link and Last Left Column is Categories. In this section you can add Categories of your website or content to menu and in all left section at the end of Click Add to Menu and Save Menu Button when you select your pages,posts,added custom links,categories.

On WordPress Menu Page down Menu has settings has shows. in Menu Settings two settings or option here:

1. Auto Add Pages : By this option or section your published new pages automatically will added to your menu.

2. Display Location : By this option you can set your location of menu in your website such as front starting – primary menu,down footer- footer menu.


How to Manage Menu Locations

In every theme default two menu presents -Primary and Footer menu. Primary menu’s default location is top of the every page of website near by logo and appear on upper header section and footer menu is placed on footer section and which menu you created set or assign to primary menu and you can also assign this menu to footer and you also  create another menu for footer menu and other menus.


Others Menus such as Secondary menu,Mobile Menu,Amp Menu,Top Bar Menu,etc have option in theme to set your menu in different locations.its have all according your theme which menus presents in theme. 

Hence Today we learned how we create a menu in wordpress and you know also how to assign first menu to primary menu that placed in top of every page of website and if you do know also how to install WordPress in your system, website, etc then click here

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