What is Python Automation & 7 Best Python Modules for Automation

What is Python Automation & Why Need it?

To understand python automation we need first understand what is automation 

Automation is a process that is performed an action activity is changed into one that happens naturally. in the case of python, automation is a bunch of scripts that write in a python programming language that will automate or automatically complete a lot of repetitive and boring tasks to give you more time for other things. 

python automation

we write creative and time-saving simple python scripts to reduce our assistance in any task. In our daily life, many huge tasks that you might opt to automate by using python scripts. here is some common way task that uses in our daily life such as:

Python Automation Libraries & Tools and Frameworks

Python has Approved Open-Source License Programming and is developed under an OSIOpen Source Initiative and its libraries & Tools and Frameworks are also open sources. This means that these Libraries, tools, and frameworks boost your programming skills and efforts. in python, many ranges of python libraries exist.

            Some of the Important & Famous Libraries, Tools, and Frameworks present here in this blog

Python Requests & BeautifulSoup Libaries

Python Requests & BeautifulSoup Module helps in Web Scrapping to extract the data from web pages and store it on your hard drive. Suppose your workday involves pulling data from a website that is tough to visit every day. in such a case scrapping could help you once a code is written it can be easily run many times, making it very especially useful when handling a large amount of data.

Within Python, it’s not easy to scrap the data from web & web pages.to easy to use and in order to analyze the data and extract the data from HTML Code, the first target page must be downloaded so for downloading the target page first we use the python requests module.

Python Requests is an Apache Licensed Simple HTTP Library for python in that this module allows you to send HTTP Requests using python. by this module, in python, we can post or retrieve the data from a Rest API. To use the Requests library you need first install it in python. simply type the following command in your console: pip install requests

Further Many Methods are here in this module such as:

Selenium Library

Selenium is one of the most widely & most popular modules used in python to perform testing & connect to different-different browsers. This package tool is used to automate web browser interaction from python. selenium is a powerful & open-source tool for controlling web-browsers through programs. it’s also open-source test automation tool is used to automate tests carried out in web browsers. testing web-applications on multiple web-browsers through selenium module tool. key-components are is Selenium-Webdriver, selenium-ide, selenium-grid.  


Sending Emails can be automated with python. python comes bundles with great libraries one of the great library is “smtplib library” which is used to send emails via SMTP Protocol. it’s simple to send an email using the library in python through Gmail’s SMTP Server. you need a Gmail account and also you need to set the “allow less secure apps” option is to ON and it makes it easier to gain access to data for others. 


Pywinauto is a module that is use to automate the windows GUI.its allows to send keyboard and mouse actions to window controls and dialogs.also some support for complex operations such as procuring text data.


Pandas is an open-source library that provides high-performance and gives data structures & manipulation and data analysis tools for python. this library also helps the read data from a wide range of sources such as CSV, SQL Databases, JSON, and Excel Files. Pandas module enables to management of complex data operations with just one or two commands.


Robot Framework is an open-source automation framework that is used for test automation and robotic process automatic (RPA) and also includes a rich collection of tools and test libraries. it is python based, but you can also use it in java & .NET.This Framework can also test other programs or things such as :

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